MoMu&Co at Ashley and Andrew's Wedding
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MoMu&Co at Ashley and Andrew’s Wedding

MoMu&Co at Ashley and Andrew’s Wedding

We’ve been part of this wonderful ceremony.

Andrew and Ashley visited our shop in Barcelona last summer.

They loved our Charlot suspenders and decided to buy a pair for Andrew, and on the spot the great idea, use them in their wedding, which they were in the middle of its organization… the idea kept growing… suspenders for Andrew’s closest friends would be the perfect outfit for the wedding!

Andrew’s 5 best friends would be his best men and a child would be the ringbearer… and there came our part on the idea, the suspenders for the child would be our wedding gift!

Some time later came the order confirmation. We made the Charlot suspenders with dedication and great care for details, as we always do in MoMu&Co.

6 suspenders in total, 5 for the best men and 1 for Caden, the child.

We packed them and shipped them to United States, and a few weeks later came the pictures. Some beautiful photos and a thank you note that filled us with joy, and made us feel part of this wonderful ceremony.

Having received permission to publish them, we could not avoid sharing them in our blog.

Images © by Sasha Reiko Photography |

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