New Fall-Winter 2019 Collection
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New Fall-Winter 2019 Collection

New Fall-Winter 2019 Collection

This Winter we dress up in other colors

Maintaining our production principle of using local raw materials and labor in every step of our creation process, at MoMu&Co we’d like to introduce to our new Fall-Winter 2019 Collection.

All MoMu&Co’s handbags and accessories dress up for Winter with Terracota, Blue, Grey and Metal colors, in a “washed down” tonality. All of them, as it is already a tradition, in our favorite textiles: 100% natural and rustic linen and cotton.

We’va chosen a range of colors that will perfectly match Winter outfits, offering to our clients the option of wearing fashion accessories that always stand out.

Handmade finishing as well as “everything but conventional” industrial iron fittings, which are a fundamental part of MoMu&Co’s differentiation, are still and strongly present this Winter.

And for those who still think that linen is only for Summer, they will be thrilled to enjoy our models made with metal finished linen in smart and versatile colors, such as black, silver and bronze.

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