A “Black Friday” in times of pandemic
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A “Black Friday” in times of pandemic

A “Black Friday” in times of pandemic

“Black Friday”, the renowned sales day conceived by US mayor retail chains, has become a tradition also in Europe for some years now.
However, this year of “New Normality” imposed by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it could be the chance to give to this day a new meaning:

A “NEWblack Friday”!

The consumerism’s model, in which initiatives like “Black Friday” –and the more recent “Ciber Monday”– are based, have been criticized many times, and for many different reasons. Though we do not intend to make a judgement of this initiative’s values, it is undeniable that the principles of Slow Fashion, upon which MOMU&CO bases its business model, do not get along well with such actions.
Slow Fashion does not promote that their clients make a purchase “just for the sake of it” or just “because it’s on sale”. It promotes a smart purchase, instead; focused in appreciating a product, as well as the ‘content’ laying behind it: i.e., the story, the quality of the materials and, above all, the effort and talent that the creation of such a garment or accessory has required; moreover, equally important is the durability of such a product and its environmental sustainability.

It is not about buying more, rather than buying better!

Besides, this year a new aspect also comes in play, which is worth taking into consideration: restrictive measures imposed by governments, trying to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, have turn out to be a mayor blow to most businesses; beyond tourism and hotel and catering businesses, retail has certainly been one of the most hit.
As a consequence, initiatives like “Black Friday” acquire a whole new meaning and importance for all retailers, but far more for those small, local, independent stores. It is not just about some extra action to increase sales.

It has become a tool to try to keep the business going!

In difficult times, such as these we’re living this year, is when humanity has shown its solidarity. This solidarity could precisely be the new meaning we need for this “NEWblack Friday”: no longer an expression of a consumeristic model, rather than a way of supporting each other to keep going.

This year, if you’re about to buy a present or something for you and your family, buy it at a local and independent store.
If we help each other, we’ll have better chances to get out of this together; for real!

Recently, we’ve been remembering that 1985 Billy Ocean’s song, which seems extremely appropriate in times like these:

“When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”

In MOMU&CO we wanted to take this song as an inspiration, and we want to present you this idea:

When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Go #Shopping

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