Draw&Co, live art in an illustrators’ battle
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Draw&Co, live art in an illustrators’ battle

Draw&Co, live art in an illustrators’ battle

Oriol Tuca won the art battle that took place as part of last MoMu&Co Club’s venue on the 2nd of March, where 7 illustrators showed live their art.

Draw&Co, is one of MoMu&Co Club’s initiatives to generate synergies among different artists and designers. In this case through and art battle meant to produce an original and exclusive design that will be part of the limited edition collection for this summer. This was the reason of last MoMu&Co Club’s venue, which took place at MoMu&Co’s premises in El Born’s 19 Flassaders Street, where 7 illustrators met: Oriol Tuca, Joel Miñana, Alison Folks, M. Jesús Delgado, Beatriz Concha and Aisha Piquer.

The artists performed their work simultaneously in 30 minutes, and an expert jury chose 2 finalists. Oriol Tuca and Joel Miñana challenged each other in the final performing a new illustration in 30 minutes. This time it was the public who with their applause decided the winner, granting the price to Oriol Tuca.

Joel Miñana´s illustration

Oriol Tuca’s Illustration

The new limited edition collection, inspired in the Mediterranean Sea, will have the winning illustration printed with silk screen printing technique bay local artisans in the inner textile of each handbag, which will be made of 100% natural ecru cotton, as well as in a series of scarfs that will complete the EasyBags products. All illustrations will be exhibited during next April in MoMu&Co Club’s art space.

The public’s involvement and the jury’s expert contribution, which was formed by Artur Bossy, Esther García, Ester M. Laruccia, Daniel Espig, Nancy Sanjuán and Nil Muntané, turned the session in a great event in which art and good vibrations blended.

Oriol Tuca, Mónica Munevar and Gianpiero Brozzi with the winning illustration

Draw&Co’s contestants

Creative elegance has found the ideal partner, producing a perfect symbiosis to offer a collection of handbags, scarfs, accessories, leather works and apparel for men and women to the public. MoMu&Co’s characteristic style is embedded in each product, and available to the client. Traditional handcraft is reflected in each product’s detail, adapting latest trends to the handmade tradition.

MoMu&Co works with different artists and designers; fashion and art blend together in an explosion of good vibrations.

MoMu&Co strengthens, with this new step, the place it has earned as a world’s benchmark in handcrafted fashion accessories.

MoMu&Co started its professional career as a unisex handbags brand in 2017, and it has until expanded with other product lines, such as belts, bracelets, and fashion apparel. From its beginning it has been capable to expand internationally gaining new fans everyday.


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