MoMu&Co opens the MoMu&Co Club with a wine taste from Celler Mas García Muret
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MoMu&Co opens the MoMu&Co Club with a wine taste from Celler Mas García Muret

MoMu&Co opens the MoMu&Co Club with a wine taste from Celler Mas García Muret

MoMu&Co launches a new way of creating a network with businesses, artisans, artists and designers, who share our same values, such as: handmade production, with natural materials locally procured, environmentally sustainable and focused on cooperation with local entrepreneurship; all this is the MoMu&Co Club.

The Club’s purpose is designing and promoting a series of periodical venues, in cooperation with other businesses and artisans who share our same values, and that will make our brands better known to the public, as well as charm them with our products.

Celler Mas García Muret is a wine producer from Llimiana (Lleida), in the “Sierra del Montsec” region, to the east of Catalonia. A winery born from the passion of a family with handcrafted wine production, and the fruits that result from working the land, taking advantage of the resources nature offers, and the particular conditions given by the environment where the vineyards lay.

Two worlds at first sight apart, fashion accessories and wine, but produced by two businesses who share the value of handcrafted work, the love of the land and harmony with the environment, and local, eco-friendly production. Besides, just like our handbags, each one of Mas García Muret’s wines has a peculiar story behind that determines its main features and gives them a unique and special character. A perfect example is the fact that the grapes of one of their wines are “protected” by the inhabitants of a cave nearby, that gives shelter to the second largest community in Spain of… bats!

We got to know Mas García Muret while we were organizing our shop’s inauguration party in Barcelona. From that cooperation came the idea that precisely a wine test should be the first venue of our recently developed project: the MoMu&Co Club.

As a matter of fact, the network of relationships we hope to create through the Club’s activities, should not confine to the fashion industry, on the contrary, we want to expand it to different industries that, although they may seem unrelated at first sight, share the same values; and from those relationships may come new ideas and interesting projects.

Thus, the first venue that we organized through the Club is this wine taste. For the coming months we want to present other venues related with different forms of art.


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