MoMu&Co presents the work of Susana Sentís
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MoMu&Co presents the work of Susana Sentís

MoMu&Co presents the work of Susana Sentís

Momu&Co continues adding value to its emblematic Born space in Barcelona where art, fashion and the essence of craftmanship are found. This time they present Susana Sentís’s exhibition.

Her work will be exhibited from 14th February to 13th March, and a charitable contribution can be made to Sant Joan de Déu Hospital with the purchase of an engraving by the artist and a handmade product by Momu&Co. The entire revenue will go to the program “Hospital Amic” of Sant Joan de Déu Hospital.

Susana Sentis considers herself an artist capable of performing in different disciplines, such as painting, engravings and murals. Her artistic expression is channeled by combining his passion for painting and image. In his creative work, she converts spaces and facades of old buildings into large-scale works.

She began her career as an artist by self-taught training in theater and audiovisual arts. Salvador Pérez Bassols was her tutor until she entered in La Llotja de Barcelona.

Its figurative figures have as protagonists the buildings and panoramic. It also has a female silhouette, treated from all angles. Her geometric works of energetic and vital lines want to represent an intangible as great as the ‘essence of life’. “Geometry is everywhere”, says the artist.

With the scribe she has found a way to express his most conceptual works and, at the same time, has allowed her to create words to incorporate in some of her works.
She has participated in several projects, as well as in Pedralbes Centre with her work “Esencias”.

MoMu&Co “Craftmanship is Fashion and Fashion loves Craftmanship”

MoMu&Co fashion accessories stand out for their finishing and attention to detail embodying that beautiful distinction, product of handmade work, which makes each piece unique. They combine different natural materials to create their designs, creating “simple yet different” products. They focus on recycling resources, and seek that their accessories contain recycled materials, such as rubber from bicycle tyres.


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