Noni Font: “Criaturas Recicladas”
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Noni Font: “Criaturas Recicladas”

Noni Font: “Criaturas Recicladas”

“A tribute to the capacity of making beautiful objects out of what would be scrap at first sight”. That’s the spirit that drove the firsts steps that led into the creation of MoMu&Co, and the design of its products.

A spirit shared by the sculptor Noni Font, a diver who works at the beach in summer, and spends the rest of the year among the fields and woods surrounding his home. Nature and waste found in it are the origin of everything. Wood, wire, plastic, flippers, stones, pipes, scaffolding… objects that other call rubbish, for him are his raw materials: wasted resources that nature returns so that they can be the source of something, and make useful something that seemed useless.

Noni Font, La Garriga, Barcelona, graduates as industrial designer in Milan’s Polytechnic where he develops his career for many years, until he moves back to Barcelona starting his own business, through which he cooperates with various companies designing their products.

More than 20 years later, he starts feeling the necessity to a new orientation to his career, granting his artistic and creative side the freedom his daily work was restraining. An artistic expression which he focuses towards creating fish figures through sculpture, thanks to his passion for the sea since his childhood, and his praxis of scuba diving around the world.

He creates his sculptures with recycled materials. To give new life to wasted materials becomes his main interest, and his fishes gain a certain expression and caricatures-like touch. This draws the attention of TV3 Channel and they decide to make a story about him.

After that he exhibited in the Mutual Art Center, Tom Maddock’s Gallery, San Sebastián’s Contemporary Art Festival, Josep Pla’s Foundation, Saint Remy’s Route des Artistes, Zaragoza Recycling Center and drap-art CCCB, and takes part in art shows in Sitges, Tarragona, Figueres or Castelló d’Ampúries Art Rute.


Handcraft’s recovery, Raw material of natural origin and recycling; these are the principal values that lay at hart of MoMu&Co, and that allow the brand to make the difference in fashion accessories’ world. A whole collection of handbags, jewelry, leather work and accessories for men and women, that stand out for theis simple design yet different. Handcraft tradition and dedication to a high quality work are shown in every detail of their products, adapting latest trends to the handmade tradition.

MoMu&Co Club promotes cooperation with different artists and designers to generate synergies; fashion and art blend together in an explosion of new ideas.

MoMu&Co started its professional career as a unisex handbags brand in 2017, and it has until expanded with other product lines, such as belts, bracelets, and fashion apparel. From its beginning it has been capable to expand internationally gaining new fans everyday.


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