The new Tó: a small, comfy and very cute bag!
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The new Tó: a small, comfy and very cute bag!

The new Tó: a small, comfy and very cute bag!

Tó is our new baguette style bag, small but big enough to carry ALL the essentials.

With MOMU&CO’s purest DNA: fun, handy, timeless, with its ‘touches of madness’ made one by one… a simple yet different design!
A bag you can use on everyday live, or on those special occasions in which you want to look spectacular, without having to leave all the essentials behind.
Starting from eco-fabric certified materials, you can enjoy the Tó bag in Natural Linen, in Metal waxed Gold, Silver and Bronze Linen, as well as in Denim and Canvas, both maltinto dyed and with that wax coating that allows them to be water-resistant.
In its design the new leather corner finishings particularly stand out, being the hooking point for the hand/shoulder leather strap as well as the crossbody adjustable strap, this one in 100% recycled polyester.

The Tó bag has our brand’s iconic trademarks, of course:

  • our MoMuLock zip, a plus in safety and absolute differentiation;
  • and our MoMuStamp handcrafted patterns, hallmark for craftmanship, originality and quality.

Style and handiness in one same ‘accessory’, a must for any outfit.

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