VERSATIL Spring to its best!
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VERSATIL Spring to its best!

VERSATIL Spring to its best!

The usual versatility, now improved in a new version.

We present the new version of our Versatil Bag, now with its EasyBag handle entirely in leather and its handcrafted seams in natural waxed thread. This version comes in 9 different colours.

Starting from the usual eco-fabric certified materials, you can enjoy the Versatil in maltinto dyed Terracotta, Blue and Green Canvas, in natural non-coloured Linen, or also in Metal waxed Gold, Silver and Bronze Linen; these last ones with our Camouflage design, which provides the added versatility of matching any outfit, since it combines in one bag brown, black, camel silver and gold garments.

Standout details in this bag are the characteristic iron-fittings, the buckles of its hand/shoulder strap and the bag’s stainless steel closing clip, originally produced for the nautical industry; but also, our MoMuLock zip lock in its internal pocket, an absolute plus in security and distinction.

Depending on the colour you choose you’ll have an all-year-round bag and above all, thanks to its EasyBag handle, you can have infinite options turning as many foulards you have stuck in your closet in as many bags. As such, we usually say: tell us how many foulards you have, and we’ll tell you how many bags you’ll have.

And if you want to customize it, you can change its handle
with any EasyBag you already have or… you’re going to have.

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