Leather Goods


Mö Bracelet


A MOMU&CO classic! One of the first designs made by the brand, adored by our customers, and which fully embodies the philosophy of combining stainless steel nautical hardware with natural vegetable-tanned leather.

The Mö is an original bracelet in which a stainless-steel shackle, normally used on sailboats as a functional piece, is presented as the main decorative piece. The peculiar design of the leather strap with its rustic texture does the rest.


Cuestre Bracelet


Another MOMU&CO classic! A very original bracelet that can be worn in 2 different ways and is inspired by the combination of black and brown leather typical of the equestrian world.

The Cuestre is a double bracelet in vegetable tanned leather handcrafted, whose design takes up the zamak fittings and the combination of colors that can typically be seen in the gear of the equestrian world. Can be worn side by side or crossed.