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  • Linum Ox Clutch

    Vertical clutch in raw linen with cotton tape, hand grip in rustic...

    45,45 €
  • Forte Bracelet

    Broad leather bracelet with buckle. Features Forte Bracelet One...

    45,45 €
  • Qiüt Linum Bag

    A practical and nice looking bag you can wear in 4 different ways:...

    128,10 €
  • X-Tool Canvas Bag
    X-Tool Canvas Bag

    Handbag in ecru cotton with hand-tanned leather handles. Original...

    132,23 €
  • Sobre Horizontal Way Canvas
    Way Canvas Horizontal Clutch

    Clutch in natural ecru cotton, with a hand-tanned leather ribbon in its...

    57,85 €
  • Sobre Horizontal W'Proof
    W'Proof Clutch

    Clutch in waxed cotton, water resistant, corner finishing in hand-tanned...

    66,12 €
  • Cuestre Bracelet

    Leather bracelet. Features Cuestre Bracelet Different, strong and...

    37,19 €
  • Crossed Bag Handle

    Leather shoulder strap for our W'Proof clutches. Features Crossed Bag...

    24,79 €
  • BagWin Bag

    Felt shopping bag plain, or with wool/silky fluff neck. Features BagWin...

    44,63 €
Handbag handles


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24,79 €
Leather shoulder strap for our W'Proof clutches. Features Crossed Bag Handle  An ideal accessory for all our W'proof clutches. It brings extra comfort and handiness Entirely in hand-tanned leather Stainless steel iron fittings You can set the length for increased comfort Easily removable, thanks to its shackles

45,45 €
Handle to transform any scarf into a bag. Made in reinforced cotton ribbon and rustic leather tanned by hand. With stainless steel industrial buckles. Manual sewing on sight, with natural fiber waxed thread. Features Easybag Reg Tell us how many foulards you have, and we’ll tell you how many bags you’ll have It’s a handle that you can easily turn...