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On one hand, a 100% natural eco-fabric linen Bag, with vegetable-tanned leather stripes and stainless-steel iron-fittings from the nautical industry. On the other hand, the handle is our famous EasyBag, a swappable handle which can be used separately to transform any scarf into a bag.


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In the beginning there was the EasyBag: the iconic handle from MOMU&CO with which you can transform any scarf into a practical and light bag. Then Monica, the designer and founder of the brand, thought: “What if we made a bag for the EasyBag?”


So, the Versatil was born:

A 100% natural eco-fabric linen Bag, with vegetable-tanned leather stripes and stainless-steel iron-fittings, with an EasyBag as a swappable handle.

Versatil Linum Bag features:

  • Its handle is an EasyBag that can be used separately to make a new bag out of any scarf
  • The handle is thereby swappable, easy to change and adjustable to 2 different armhole sizes
  • Made in 100% natural linen, natural and recycled cotton, and vegetable-tanned leather
  • Its iron-fittings are small industrial stainless-steel hypoallergenic pieces from the nautical industry
  • Internal pocket with our MOMULock zip, for increased safety and distinction
  • Entirely handcrafted patterns with our MOMUStamp
  • A practical, versatile and timeless model.

Check the tutorial video!

MOMULock Security

We have discovered that our MOMULock, more than a closing and security system for MOMU&CO bags, has become the best tool to obtain from our customers a pleasant expression of surprise and joy along with a wonderful smile.

As a matter of fact, explaining to our customers the existence as well as the operation of the MOMULock system has become a very fun moment.

MOMU&CO Closing System

As it happens, MOMULock is our innovative closure system for zippers, and it is present in most of our fashion accessories.

Because a mini padlock, accompanied by a set of two keys, installed on the zipper of our bags, definitely adds extra originality and security to your everyday look.


As you may have noticed, each MOMU&CO accessory involves a huge part of manual work in its creation process.

The visible seems often seen fastening beautiful and playful pieces of leather… the silky, aged feel of leather… the prints on natural linen and rustic cotton fabrics… are just one of the many things we like to do by hand.

And precisely for our prints we have used those lines that reveal hands that work with dedication and passion, and that at MOMU&CO we define as a good stamp, that is, our own hands.

Enjoy your MOMU&CO!

Product Details


Data sheet

100% natural and recycled cotton
100% natural eco-fabric linen
100% natural metal-waxed linen
316 stainless steel
Vegetable tanned leather
Only professional dry-cleaning. Take special care to leather parts’ treatment.
37 cm
28 cm
11 cm
1 Kg


Tutorial EasyBag

Esquema de uso del EasyBag con un fular

Download (366.19KB)