A few days ago we conducted a survey through our Instagram account (@momuandco) where we asked our followers: How expert are you in choosing the perfect bag? And the results were amazing! Only 33% answered correctly, which makes us question whether we really choose the bag we want/need or just get carried away by offers and trends.

Take a look at your closet! How many bags do you really use? Or maybe you are not one of those who accumulate bags, but repeat the color and size. If your answers are “YES”, without a doubt, this article is for you.

1. You choose only black bags.

Get out of the comfort zone! This is the most common mistake when buying, we think “black goes with everything”, it is true, but it is also true that there are colors such as blue, brown or military green that are versatile to combine.

2. You only have small bags

Your bag collection not only has to have a variety of colors, but also sizes, you don't do the same thing every day, so there are days when you need more space to carry your laptop and others to go out at night and just carry your keys. from your house.

3. You buy bags every time the season changes.

Do you let yourself be carried away by emotions? It has happened to many of us and then we keep that bag for a year without being able to use it. The best thing will always be to choose timeless designs, so you can adapt to any season.

4. You get carried away by the price

You have probably heard the saying "cheap is expensive" and sometimes fast fashion is usually the best price option, but price does not define the quality or durability of your bags.

So don't go for just one option. A true expert bets on new ideas and adds colors, sizes and versatility to her wardrobe, but now that you've read these tips: Are you ready to become an expert?

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