In this article we will explain how to take care of your handmade bags designed with fabrics and leather, so that you can extend the useful life and pass your accessories from generation to generation.

Purses are not only accessories to complement outfits, but they are also a necessity to be able to carry the utensils that we need most in our lives and for this reason, we must take special care when using them and also when we get home. Handmade leather bags tend to absorb moisture and if you don't take good care of them, you can see accelerated deterioration caused by the sun or perhaps by not cleaning them.

For this reason, we wanted to write this bag care guide for you. And it is that at MOMU&CO we always say that our bags are cared for in two ways, not mutually exclusive. I'll explain it below:

What do you need to clean them?

  • Dry or slightly damp cloth.
  • Blotting paper or clinex.

Tips to take care of them, the first (theoretical) tip:

  • Always keep your bags in their bag, in a place free of moisture and try not to put heavy weights on top of them, as they can be deformed.

  • If you had an accident with a stain or spill. Don't worry! Always use professional dry cleaning.

  • Leather parts, such as handles and hooks, should be cleaned with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

  • The fittings, which can become dull with the weather, can be cleaned by rubbing them delicately, using some blotting paper or clinex, almost in the same way that we clean the lenses of a pair of glasses.

The other advice is based on the passion with which we bring each bag to life: 

As we make them with natural fabrics with wide wefts and vegetable-tanned leather, in which use will undoubtedly leave its mark, we therefore recommend taking care of each bag, using it to the fullest and enjoying the passage of time with respect for the investment made when acquiring it and for the love that we have imprinted on each of them by making them. Because no one takes away what they danced from them either!

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