Event 2 - Draw and Co

In MoMu&Co we love handcrafted production and are focused in offering to our customers products with a great deal of handwork. A work we do thanks to the use of craft techniques and tools, together with a lot of creativity, dedication and passion. We try every day to come up with a new detail, as simple as it may seem… and, while creating our new Spring-Summer collection “Mediterráneo” 2018, we thought it would be great if our products made of fabric could have printed what we like to call, a “crazy touch”.

And what better way of achieving this than printing on them, with handcrafted silk screen printing, the creation of a local artist. That is why through our MoMu&Co Club, we invited a group of young and very talented artists, who liked the idea and wanted to show their talent, in that fun event called an Art Battle.