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In MoMu&Co we believe in the value of the Handmade brand. In fact, we manufacture our products directly in our atelier, located in el Born, right in middle of Barcelona’s historic quarter. A neighborhood internationally known because of its artisans and their original and unique products.

As a matter of fact, at our atelier, our clients can witness “live” how our products are manufactured, and also how our artisans customize them according to their needs and taste, taking part themselves in the production process of their own product.


We invite you to visit us
behind the Picasso Museum.

Come and live the Handmade Experience in MoMu&Co!

MoMu&Co Barcelona

Fashion Atelier in Barcelona, Spain

Carrer dels Flassaders, 19, 08003 Barcelona

Open from 11.00 to 20.30

Telf: +34 930 00 71 35

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¿Por qué comprar Bolsos hechos a mano?