MoMu&Co was born to make a difference!.... offering new Unisex Fashion alternatives in complements.

In MoMu&Co we are oriented to create unisex fashion for you, a fashion that you enjoy and that you carry with you for a long time. That's why we are determined to make timeless fashion through intelligent designs.

How do we make our Complements and Bags?

We combine natural materials that make our complements original pieces; this is what we like to call complements with touches of madness; those that we achieve from the mixture of high quality raw material and audacious designs.

We work hand in hand with local garment professionals. People who are close, committed and sensitive to the detail of the finishes. An excellent way to generate employment and ensure quality and availability of all our products.

We believe in the Handmade brand; that's why MoMu&Co complements have finishes and details that are printed with that beautiful differentiation product of the manual work that makes each piece unique.

Natural Fabrics and Materials

We support and believe in the reuse of resources, which is why we want our accessories to contain recycled raw materials, such as rubber for bicycle tyres. Look for the symbol R2 in the description!

At MoMu&Co we use unconventional accessories, original noble metal hardware and handcrafted pieces, making the difference with respect to other complements.

We are passionate about teamwork, which is why we work in collaboration with different artists/designers from the fashion world... we are convinced and this is demonstrated by our products, that together we are inexhaustible sources of inspiration and effective creation.

Finally and returning to our initial statement, we are eager to hear you say, or write on the networks...