MoMu&Co was born to make a difference! We offer new alternatives to unisex fashion and accessories.

In MoMu&Co we want to create unisex fashion for you to enjoy and wear for a long time. That’s why we’re determined to create timeless fashion through smart designs.

We combine natural materials which transform our accessories in original pieces; that’s what we like to call apparels with a crazy touch; those obtained by combining high quality raw materials and audacious designs.

We work hand by hand with professional local manufacturers. Charming people, committed and perfectionists who appreciate finishing details and distinct touches. That’s a wonderful way of generating employment and guaranteeing quality and availability of all our products.

We believe in the Handmade brand; that’s the reason why all MoMu&Co accessories have finishing and printed details with that beautiful differentiation, which is the result of handmade work that makes each piece completely unique.

We support and believe in reusing materials, and that’s why we foster the use of recycled raw materials in our accessories, such as bicycles’ tires. Look for the R2 symbol in the description!

In MoMu&Co we use non-conventional accessories, original fittingsmade of noble materials and handcrafted pieces, making the difference to other accessories.

We love teamwork and that’s why we promote collaboration projects with different artists/designers from the fashion world… our products give proof of that close collaboration; together we’re an endless source of inspiration and effective creation.

Finally, we’d like to go back to our first statement, we’re wishing to hear you saying or writing on Social Media…

“Yes, it’s a shopping bag… but it’s unique!”

“Sure! it’s a clutch… but really different!”

“You’re right, it’s a keyring… but absolutely different!”