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MoMu&Co Club Zone

EIn MoMu&Co we wanted to find a different way to spread the brand and publicize the product: a way that reflects the values that characterize us, and that we want to promote in our environment.

This way is the creation of the MoMu&Co Club.

Objective of the MoMu&Co Club

The club aims to devise and promote a series of periodic events in collaboration with other companies and artisans who share our same values, and that allow us to attract the public to know and be captivated with our brand and our products.

At the same time, through collaboration with companies, artisans, designers and other actors with whom we share these events, we want to establish synergy relationships that are mutually beneficial, and that serve to strengthen each other.

This network of interrelations is not limited to the fashion sector, on the contrary, we want it to expand to various sectors that, although at first glance do not seem related, can share values and from interaction can emerge interesting ideas and projects.

That is why our events venture into the world of oenology, painting, sculpture, and all the fields in which Handmade products are the distinctive character.